A Hearty Welcome at School with a Traditional Tamil Nadu Dance

Our host had arranged for Kevin to speak with a children’s school about American and Tamil culture.  We pulled up to the school in our auto-rickshaw.  A row of children lined the path on each side, all of them waving … Continue reading

Auroville- a Spiritual Eco-village Restores the Woods

Aurobindo, a famous Indian philosopher, moved to the former French territory of Pondicherry in 1910.  Aurobindo spoke of people coming together above politics and nationalities, of transcending the ways of the past.  A few years later Mirra Alfassa journeyed to … Continue reading

Pondicherry (affectionately known as Pondy- renamed Puducherry)

Pondicherry is beautiful, and very hot and humid due to its close proximity to the ocean. On our arrival, police barricades blocked the street entrance the beach. Our waiter explained that was because of the cyclone that had just passed through.  Everyone … Continue reading