Photos, snippets, notes, videos, and memories of our travels through dazzling India.  Sometimes inspiring, sometimes maddening, always interesting, this three month journey opened our hearts and tested our patience. Please join us on our quirky adventure!

Note: We went to India in 2008 and I wrote about it the whole time- enough to fill a book! Those writings and a lot of great pictures just sat on my computer forever. It seemed like a waste, so I decided to blog about it, in case others want to see what I saw or are interested in going to India themselves. I will be adding a new part of our journey approximately every week- or at least that’s the goal.


Krista (and Kevin)

13 thoughts on “About

  1. This is great and I want to introduce you to my blog. I was in India for 4 months with my professor husband and 11 architecture students. I look forward to reading about your journey! Thanks to Sudharsa for alerting me to you ! Namaste. . . .T I I I
    This Is Incredible India! talesalongtheway.com

  2. Hi again! After I said we didn’t go to Maduri…I decided to ask the architect….Oh MY BAD….we went to see one of the huge temples in the South! Tell you the truth, they all tend to run together….but we were there. I told sudharsan , too!
    Namaste. . . ..

    • Yes, I believe all the temples do start to run together- I am lucky to have all my writings from the trip, and my husband’s memory too, which makes photos much easier to identify- but I still have photos of some things I’m not sure of (like some mysterious waterfalls coming up!)

      • I was intrigued with a waterfall falling up. First asked husband and he had no idea then googled water falls in India. We didn’t see any of those but they are magnificent. I didn’t read every word but looked for an appropriate title…couldn’t find it. Maybe you can do that and find it….

      • Oh, no sorry- I meant to say the photos of the unknown waterfalls will be on the blog shortly (coming up soon…) but sadly they are not falling up! that would be quite a sight to see! We did end up seeing quite a few regular waterfalls in India- mostly in the south. Some were tourist destinations, some were more rural. Hogenakkal Falls being the most impressive! Definitely worth a visit if you ever get back that way.

  3. It looks like you are just getting started, and this is a great blog on India. There are lots of bloggers who love India. Someone told me this to get my blog “out there”. In WordPress , go to Reader on the top bar. On the right side in the drop down, type in India, name of city Indian children.. topics you are interested in . . …You will see blogs with similar interests. Like or follow the blogs and leave a comment. Most of them will go to your blog and follow you. Are you using Tags on your blog? I didn’t notice. If you have questions, and I can answer….I am most glad to help! Namaste. . . .
    When I get a like, I usually thank them and follow their blog right away. I have about 800 total followers from FB, Twitter and LinkedIn which is very small one crazy popular blogger has 23,000+ followers! (aopininiatedman.org) He is amazing!

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